Kyung Ha

Research interest

My current research interests are pattern detection and modeling in plant biology.
For my Ph.D. I have worked on microfluidic surface tension modeling and analysis and dynamical systems analysis of inertial microfluidics


In preparation



Published (From new to old)

  1. Kyung Ha, Joseph de Rutte, Dino Di Carlo, Andrea L. Bertozzi. Surface energy minimizing configurations for axisymmetric microparticles J Eng Math 134, 2 (2022) (link)
  2. Kyung Ha, Brendan Harding, Andrea L. Bertozzi, and Yvonne M. Stokes. Dynamics of small particle inertial migration in curved square ducts SIAM Journal on Applied Dynamical Systems 2022 21:1, 714-734
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  4. Bhargav Samineni, Benjamin Thomas, Amelia Tran, Cherlin Zhu, Kyung Ha, Ganesh Dasika, Davini David and Laurent White. Using physics-informed regularization to improve extrapolation capabilities of neural networks. NeurIPS Machine Learning and the Physical Sciences Workshop, 2021.
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  6. Grotheer, Rachel, Longxiu Huang, Yihuan Huang, Alona Kryshchenko, Oleksandr Kryshchenko, Pengyu Li, Xia Li, Elizaveta Rebrova, Kyung Ha, and Deanna Needell. COVID-19 Literature Topic-Based Search via Hierarchical NMF In Proceedings of the 1st Workshop on NLP for COVID-19 (Part 2) at EMNLP 2020 2020 Dec.
  7. Wu, Chueh-Yu, Mengxing Ouyang, Bao Wang, Joseph de Rutte, Alexis Joo, Matthew Jacobs, Kyung Ha, Andrea L. Bertozzi, and Dino Di Carlo. Monodisperse drops templated by 3D-structured microparticles. Science advances. 2020 Nov 1;6(45):eabb9023.